Documentary: Leaders of Madison’s Black Renaissance @ Overture Center for the Arts

201 State Street
Madison, WI 53703
United States

Suitable for Children

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For the first time in history, Madison, Wis., has the largest number of Black elected officials on its school board and city council. Madison’s school superintendent is Black, as is its Police Chief, District Attorney and County Sheriff. Blacks are leading multiple large non-profit agencies and spearheading multi-million dollar projects all over the city. Blacks are leading in so many important areas and are launching so many key initiatives that many people are calling this period a “Black Renaissance.”

This film introduces viewers to 40 of Madison’s most prolific leaders as they define what is happening in Madison and what it means to the city’s future. The film explores the innovation that Black leaders are introducing in many areas, ranging from education, to healthcare, to economic development and more. Is there really a renaissance occurring in Madison? Are Blacks positioned politically to make an undisputable difference in this city? These questions and more are discussed in this new dynamic documentary produced by retired Professor Dr. Chuck Taylor
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