Monday Manifestation Meditation & Ceremony @ With Intentions Holistic Studio

1700 Main Street
Lake Como, NJ 07719
United States

Event Dates and Times
Monday Manifestation
With Jonathan Carone and Regina Viqueira Rossi
First Monday of the Month at 7:00 pm

Come and join Jonathan and Regina as they create a space of peace and protection, and guide you into a universal healing and manifestation.
We will create a sound bath and use relaxation techniques to bring you into complete tranquility…
The bowls will help you release any heavy, low vibrational energy or blockages in your body. He does this by shifting your energy fields….This will bring awareness to self, and create a blanket of loving energy to comfort you.
Following the sound bath, Jonathan will amplify the healing with reiki to cleanse and clear the body from any heavy or harmful emotions that hold us back or hinder our well being.
Finally, we will take a moment to write down what we want to manifest in our lives… Each will receive flower petals to gently drop our heart’s desires into a grounding Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl filled with reiki charged water.
As the petals flow together, we will slowly go back to self and see how our manifestations resonate with the sound of the universe and vibrations of the bowl.
We will send out our manifestations to allow each of us to start the week clear and cleansed…
Yoga mats, comfy chairs, blankets, and props provided for your use or bring your own personal things to make your meditation comfortable.
Doors open 15 minutes prior to meditation and close promptly at start time.
$25 Offering…
Cash/CC accepted at the door or Reserve online via Square:

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