Portland Miniature Show 2022 @ Monarch Hotel

Event Dates and Times
Sunday September 25, 2022
10:00 AM
Monarch Hotel - Exit 14 off I-205 at Sunnyside Rd./Sunnybrook Blvd.
FREE parking or take Max Light Rail Green Line
Admission: Adults $8.00 -- Children under 12 Free

Not been to a miniature show in a while, or maybe never? Dollhouses, room boxes, vignettes and their miniature contents are completely different from those in the 1950s, 60s or 70s. Today, they are works of art you shouldn't miss! Absolutely EVERYTHING that exists in full-scale, real life is now available in smaller scales such as 1" = 1 foot or ½" = 1 foot or 1/4" = 1 foot. Whether it is a hand-crafted or commercially produced accessory for a dollhouse, you’ll find it at this show. Come talk to the friendly dealers, sign up for a workshop, or attend a how-to demonstration.

Imagine your own full color miniature self inside a dollhouse or room box! Holodeck 3D Studios is coming to the show this year, bringing its AMAZING technology that can create true-to-life miniature 3D sculptures of real people. The sculpture is scaled to the size you need, in the exact pose and look you desire. Get a FREE scan of yourself at the show, and if you like it, you just might want to purchase it.

Do you have one or more dollhouses you want to sell? Sign a "listing agreement" to bring them to the show to be placed in "Mini Acres" — a housing development at the show of houses for sale by owners. The "listing fee" is a flat $20 per house. Provide a photo and your listing price and it also will be displayed here on this website in advance of the show. Is your project still in the box? Fine! Only partially assembled? No problem. Creampuff of a property? Love it! Furnished or unfurnished. Doesn't matter.
For more details, contact Pat at PatBennett@PortlandMiniatureShow.com

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