Posting An Event On Festhund: Best Practices


Posting an Event on Festhund: Best Practices

Posting an event on Festhund is always a thrill, but it’s even more exhilarating when your event looks its absolute best for others to see.
Here we share a few simple and practical techniques that will maximize your post.

First and Foremost: Professionally Organized Events Only

We love a good garage sale, birthday parties, backyard barbecues, lemonade stands, neighborhood walking groups, etc. – but only professionally organized events are approved.

Checking to Make Sure Your Event Has Not Already Been Posted

Before pouring every bit of your heart and soul into composing the perfect event listing, it never hurts to check if it is already on our calendar. In the case that you do find your event (and you are the event organizer), we recommend that you verify that all the event details are correct. Feel free to contact us if you need to make any corrections or updates.

Selecting the Proper Categories

Festhund is a robust event calendar with precision search tools, so how you categorize your event matters. Take your time to explore and choose categories and subcategories that will put your event in the best position to get noticed by Festhunders who are looking for it.

For example: Let’s say Zigzag the Puggle wants to post a ‘dinner and live music event’ at Zigzag’s Roadhouse. If she only chooses ‘Music’ from the category list, her event is sure to be lost in the fray.

If, on the other hand, Zigzag chooses ‘Music’, ‘Food and Dining’, as well as the subcategory ‘Local Artists / Cover Bands,’ her event will be much better placed to seen by her audience.

On a side note, over-categorized and purposely miscategorized events will either be corrected or entirely removed.

Crafting an Attention Getting Event Title

Now that your event is masterfully categorized, your EVENT TITLE is the key to grabbing the attention of not only Festhunders; but search engines as well.

Suppose, for instance, Zigzag the Puggle simply called her event ‘Dinner and Live Music’. There’s not nearly enough substance in the title to catch the eye of Festhunders. Imagine, if you will, that Zigzag instead called her event ‘Dinner and a Show Featuring Justin Bieber @ Zigzag’s Roadhouse’. By simply adding what makes the event special to the title (in this case, the performer and venue), Festhunders are a lot more likely flock to, rather than floss over, Zigzag’s listing.

Answering All the Question in Your Event Description

Your event has been found, your title is magnificent, and Festhunders want to learn more. Now is not the time to leave them guessing. Interest in your event can increase dramatically if the details inside the listing are brief and answer all the viewers’ questions.

Let’s presume, for explanatory purposes, that Zigzag merely repeated her event title in the event description: ‘Dinner and a Show Featuring Justin Bieber @ Zigzag’s Roadhouse’. Not only does this kind of event description leave Festhunders with unanswered questions, but it also comes across as careless and uninviting.

Alternatively, what if Zigzag were to put forth more effort, thought, and a little razzle dazzle into his description – and instead composes the following entry:

Join us this Saturday for an incredible evening of gourmet faire and star-studded entertainment. Global music sensation, Justin Bieber will be performing live from 9 PM to 11 PM. Our award-winning dinner menu and drink specials will be available all evening for your tasting pleasure. Feel free to view our menu online at

Ticket Price: $45 per person

Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Show Starts: 7:00 PM


He's descended from the rafters attached to giant angel wings made of speaker parts. He's also held court to seas of screaming fans while sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar. He's danced madly on EDM festival stages while backed by wild bass kicked out by Diplo and Skrillex, and he's faced off with Questlove in a live drum battle. He is, of course, Justin Bieber — the Canadian-born singer, songwriter, musician and world's biggest pop star, period.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? This event sounds awesome!

Putting Your Best Photo Forward

Festhunders are visual creatures. Having a clear event photo / design not only demonstrates the credibility of your event, but it also gives you the opportunity to advertise your event visually and set yourself apart from the crowd. In addition, the more eye-popping the event photo; the more likely your event will be shared by us and/or others across social media channels.

Don’t Forget to Leave Behind Your Contact Information

Being accessible and available to address questions and concerns regarding your event will certainly make you the best-in-class in terms of your customer service game and reputation. Ease-of-access also leaves the door open to the possibility of being contacted by those who may be interested in sponsoring your event or even covering it in a news story.

Of all the best practices we have listed, however, the most important one and the REAL best practice - is to not worry about making the perfect post - just get your event posted on Festhund!!


Zigzag the Puggle and the Festhund crew

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