The Pursuit of Fun, Happiness, and Laughter: A Brief History of the Festhund


Festhunds, a descendant of a now extinct European wolf, have crossed oceans, climbed mountains, and embarked on outlandish escapades around the world in the pursuit of fun, happiness, and good vibes.


The Festhund is neither a scent hound nor a sight hound. Rather, Festhunds are an ‘energy’ hound. They do not hunt prey. Instead, they pursue high frequencies and vibrations. Their senses are so acute that not only can they detect public gatherings from over one hundred miles away, but they can pinpoint the distance, location, date, and time of the event, sometimes weeks before it even takes place.


Throughout the centuries, Festhunds were championed by explorers. Their exceptional talent for following high frequencies into friendly territories to find festivities inside foreign lands was instrumental in safely and respectfully bridging the gap between cultures. Several variations of Carnival and Mardis Gras, for example, are celebrated around the world in part by the positive-energy-seeking prowess of Festhunds.


Conquerors also sought the help of Festhunds to guide them to the spoils of unsuspecting prey. The low vibration of such men and women, however, is easily detected and entirely avoided by Festhunds.


Festhunds are not a breed and cannot be bred (although many have tried). Instead, ‘Festhund’ describes any dog, regardless of breed, that is born gifted with a psychic genetic mutation known as the ‘Festhund'  gene. How the gene is passed is a still a mystery.


Although they have mostly faded into obscurity due to advancements in modern technology, Festhunds are still very much with us and using their gifts to do important work.


During the pandemic, while many online event sites suspended their efforts to provide new, accurate, and up-to-date information, Festhunds worked tirelessly to seek out and deliver an active calendar of activities and events – helping to keep the human spirit intact during troubled times.


Festhunds can also be found working in various capacities outside of the event-search industry. Due to their extraordinary energy-reading aptitude and mastery of avoiding danger, Festhunds are commonly recruited into a life of service as seeing-eye dogs.


Many Festhunds have no job at all, except to make sure their human companions maintain a fun and active lifestyle. Ever see that nice couple with a cute, super-friendly dog at a festival that just about everyone stops to greet? It’s more than likely that that’s a Festhund. 

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