Easy-to-Make Two Ingredient Cocktails

Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best cocktails! You don't need to get fancy to make some fantastic drinks that won't disappoint!
Here are some of our favorite, tried and true cocktails that have only 2 ingredients - excluding the ice or optional lime wedges for garnish!


Vodka Cranberry - Vodka and cranberry juice - add a squeeze of lime or lime garnish and you can officially call it a "Cape Codder"

Screwdriver - Vodka and orange juice


Gin & Tonic or Vodka Tonic - Garnish with a lime wedge or try flavored vodka for a different variation.

Summer Collins - Gin and lemonade

Vodka Collins - Vodka and lemonade

Greyhound - Grapefruit juice and vodka or gin. Garnish with lime. Salt the rim of the glass and now you have a "Salty Dog"


Mimosa - Orange juice and champagne - or sparkling wine, such as prosecco

Peach Bellini or Mango Bellini - Pureed mango, pureed peaches, or peach nectar with champagne, sparkling wine, or prosecco


Cuba Libre - More commonly known as rum and coke - add a lime wedge for garnish

Dark & Stormy - Dark rum or dark spiced rum and ginger beer - add a lime wedge for garnish


Any cocktail that is made with vodka, gin, or rum, can also be made with tequila! 

•  Tequila Cranberry - Tequila and cranberry juice 

Tequila Sunrise - Tequila, orange juice, and a splash of grenadine

Mexican Moscow Mule - Tequila and ginger beer

Lastly, we'll leave you with two dessert type drinks:

Black Russian - Vodka and Kahlua or coffee flavor liqueur - add milk or cream to make it a White Russian

Irish Coffee - Coffee and Irish Cream Liquor, such as Bailey's Irish Cream. This can be made more interesting with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, but coffee and Irish cream are all you really need for this delicious dessert drink! 
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